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    We assist organizations to transform business by performing process re-engineering in a structured approach where by improvements can be easily qualified. Any subsequent system deployments further to a process redefinition that are adhered to industry best practices will curtail any existing pain points from organization management perspective.

    Application and Consulting Services Ronsys Technologies offer high end SAP implementation and support services. We are committed to the success of your enterprise wide SAP initiative and playing a significant role in aligning business imperatives to IT ecosystem.

Approaches to streamline business transformation with technology assistance are :
  Guide in decision making in the adoption of new technology and processes Manage and provide consulting work to prototype solution using new advance technology.
  Identify suitable business area for appropriate technology adoption.
  Help in arriving at good solution architecture (SOA) to improve system performance and return on investment.
  Improve client’s understanding on advance solution architecture and application integration conceptstion concepts