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    We envisage a rapid growth in the adoption of in memory technology led by SAP HANA. Our delivery capability in cutting edge technology like SAP HANA is made possible by the presence of exceptionally talented people some of whom are ex-employee of SAP Labs who spearheaded the initial development of the product and had been a driving force in its growth and market acceptability.

    Our HANA Team:
      Is one of the most experienced team in the industry.
      has solid experience in implementing HANA solution for customer around the globe.
      can assist and guide customer with their HANA implementation/adoption plan.
      can assist customer with the HANA deployment options.
      side-by-side scenario (HANA Accelerators, BW on HANA)
      Integrated scenario (Business Suite on HANA)
      New Frontiers (HANA New Apps)